In The News

In the News

Cogstone has participated in a number of high profile projects that has resulted in extensive new coverage. From ancient life as documented by Ice Age fossils, to remnants of historic water management infrastructure in Los Angeles, Cogstone has been there to ensure that these resources were monitored, recorded, analyzed, and interpreted for future generations.

In the news:

UPCOMING PRESENTATION! Accessing Archaeology: A Conversation on Indigenous Knowledge and Heritage – November 15, 2022

Desiree Martinez has a new podcast on National Association of Environmental Professionals Radio: Preservation, Tribal Relationships, and Having Fun – 2021

A close up look at some of the fossils discovered while building the subway under Wilshire Boulevard – 2020
Roll them bones: Los Angeles excavation digs up hundreds of Ice Age fossils – 2019
You’re Probably Driving Over Ice Age Fossils Right Now – 2019
Metro Features Fossils at Media Show and Tell Day – 2019
Trove of Ice-Age Fossils Found in LA Subway Dig – 2019
Metro’s purple line expansion leads to Ice Age fossil discoveries – 2019
Construction workers digging up a LA subway extension uncover fossils of creatures that lived 10,000 years ago in the last Ice Age – 2017
‘Treasure trove’ continues to be found under Purple Line – 2017
Ice Age fossils emerge during Los Angeles subway dig – 2017
Bones belonging to ancient camel and mammoth or mastodon found during work on Purple Line Extension – 2017
Tooth, tusks and skull from ancient relatives of elephants unearthed during Purple line Construction – 2016
Los Angeles is ripe territory for finding fossils – 2016
Ancestors Final Journey Home – 2016
L.A. Archetype: Metro Paleontologist – 2015
Mysterious Island: What Lies Beneath – 2014
Photos of the exploratory shaft being dug in preparation of Purple Line Extension construction – 2014
At a Westside subway excavation, plenty of bones (and more) to pick – 2014
Finding, and losing, fossils in Los Angeles – 2014
Fossils unearthed by Metro reveal LA’s watery past – 2014
Set in Stone: Fossils have been unearthed at a Metro construction site – 2014
Workers discover part of L.A.’s first municipal water system – 2014
Sloth fossil discovered at Irvine construction site – 2006