Del Sur Solar Facility


Overview of Farm House Associated with CA-LAN-4245H, Facing North

Cogstone prepared a Cultural and Paleontological Assessment in support of an EIR for a 100 mega-watt (MW) Del Sur Solar Generation Facility. Located on a 725-acre project privately owned parcel in Los Angeles County. Cogstone documented six historic sites, including an early 20th century historic farm, foundations, earthen reservoirs, and irrigation/water conveyance features.

The two parallel graded-earth driveways leading to the historic farm were first recorded in 2011 and updated in 2014 with Cogstone ameliorated the site record for the driveways to include the associated farmstead, barn, silos, workshop, and outbuildings.

Based on conversations with the caretaker for the current owner, the farm house and various outbuildings were built in the 1930.


Overview of Farm House Associated with CA-LAN-4245H, Facing East

One building, possibly the farmhouse, is visible on the 1937 Lake, CA USGS 7.5 Topographic map (see Figure 13). Many of the buildings are in extreme deterioration, with a few that have completely collapsed. The site was recommended for avoidance until it could evaluated using the California Register of Historic Resources significance criteria.