Two archeologists examine a large fossil.

Detail-Oriented. Thorough. Timely.

Cogstone provides value-added solutions using knowledge, skill, and common-sense approaches to collections management. We use our resources and best management practices to do what it takes to complete the job on time, within budget, using experienced personnel.


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  • Wash and Identify Materials
  • Develop Inventory Database or Catalog
  • Inventory Materials
  • Prepare Collections According to Repository’s Curation Protocols
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  • Prepare, Clean, and Stabilize Vertebrate Fossils
  • Screen Wash and Process Sediments for Microfossils
  • Identify Vertebrate Macrofossils and Microfossils
  • Prepare Archival-Quality Cavity Mounts and Cradles for Specimens
  • Mold and Cast Fossils for Exhibit
  • Repair and Stabilize Specimens
  • Curate Fossils at Regional Museums
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Cultural Resources

  • Process Soil Samples
  • Faunal Analysis
  • Lithic Analysis
  • Ceramic Analysis
  • Wash, Sort, and Bag Artifacts
  • Artifact Stabilization and Storage
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  • Digitally Archive Documents and Photos
  • Final Inventory Database or Catalog for Report
An archeologist examines a collection of fossils.

What is Collections Management?

Collection refers to material remains that are excavated or removed during a survey, excavation, or other study of a prehistoric or historic resource as well as the records associated with the study. Collections Management involves bringing collections into compliance with 36 CFR 79, which was passed in 1990 and outlines regulations for the curation of federally owned and associated collections.

What We Do

Our experienced professionals perform all aspects of collections management to ensure paleontological and cultural resource materials and associated records are properly preserved and accessible for future research.

We use lessons learned from a cumulative wealth of experience, the experience of our subject matter experts in the services required to complete the project, and extensive knowledge of the standards and guidelines that define curatorial responsibilities.



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We provide compliance for paleontological resources under CEQA and/or NEPA.

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Cultural Resources

We provide compliance for cultural resources under CEQA, NEPA, and/or Section 106 of the NHPA.

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We help find a respectful way to repatriate ancestral remains and cultural items from collections in compliance with NAGPRA/CalNAGPRA.