Cogstone has participated in a number of high profile projects that have resulted in extensive news coverage. From ancient life as documented by Ice Age fossils, to remnants of historic water management infrastructure in Los Angeles, Cogstone has been there to ensure that these resources were monitored, recorded, analyzed, and interpreted for future generations.

Cogstone is invested in the future of archaeology.


Featured Event

San Diego State Parks Native American Outreach

Representatives of the Luiseño and Kumeyaay Nations gather on a San Diego County beach.
CA State Parks recognizes San Diego County’s state beaches are important in the continuance of the traditions of the Luiseño and Kumeyaay Nations. As San Diego’s beaches and parks are impacted by sea level rise, Tribal community members are invited to provide feedback to ensure enjoyment of coastal parks for future.


Featured Article

A Treasure Trove in the Tar

Close up of a paleontologist holding the lower jaw of a saber-toothed cat.
Cogstone Paleontologist holding the lower jaw of a saber-toothed cat uncovered during excavations at LACMA.

You’re Probably Driving Over Ice Age Fossils Right Now

A close up of excavated fossils on a table top.
Fossils excavated during the Metro Purple Line Extension project. (Emily Elena Dugdale/LAist)

A close up look at some of the fossils discovered while building the subway under Wilshire Boulevard