From early project review to final reporting and public outreach, our seasoned staff will expertly manage all aspects of the paleontological, cultural, and historical resources compliance process for your project to deliver a superior end product.

Paleontological and Cultural Resources Management Services

Cogstone offers technical knowledge, savvy, innovative scoping, quality control procedures, and responsiveness to assist clients in meeting project compliance requirements in adherence to federal, state and local law and regulations.

Our staff are experts in National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), Paleontological Resources Preservation Act (PRPA), Archaeological and Paleontological Salvage, Antiquities Act, National Historic Preservation Act (NRHP) Sections 106 and 110, Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA), SB18, AB52, Federal Aid Highway Act, and others. We offer a full range of paleontological and cultural resources management services including:

  • Phase I Cultural Resources Inventory
  • Paleontological Identification Reports (PIR)
  • Records Search
  • Archival Search
  • Literature Review
  • Context Statements
  • Reconnaissance/Field Surveys
  • Native American Consultation
  • AB 52 and SB 18 Consultation Assistance
  • Sacred Lands File Search
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • GIS Mapping
  • Federal/State Permitting
  • Programmatic Agreement (PA)
  • Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)
  • Finding of Effects (FOE)
  • Resources Sensitivity Analysis
  • Paleoenvirenmental Reconstruction
  • Site, Feature, Fossil, Locality Recording
  • Phase II Archaeological Testing
  • Paleontological Evaluation Reports (PER)
  • Phase III Data Recovery/Excavation
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Treatment Plans
  • Paleontological and Cultural Resources Awareness Training
  • Paleontological Monitoring
  • Archaeological Monitoring
  • Native American Monitoring and Management
  • Artifact Recovery
  • Fossil Recovery
  • Fossil Bed Mapping
  • Fossil Preparation
  • Fossil Identification
  • Faunal Analysis
  • Lithics Analysis
  • Collections Management
  • Curation Preparation
  • Mitigation Compliance Reports
  • Design and Installation of Exhibits
  • Peer Reviews
  • On-site Damage Assessments
  • Archaeological Damage Assessment Reports
  • Investigation and Damage Assessments for Criminal and Civil Cases
  • Damage Assessment Services for Terrestrial and Submerged Resources
  • Damage Assessment Training