Headshot of Kira Klonel, recipient of the 2024 Sherri Gust Memorial Scholarship.

Congratulations to Kira Klonel, the 2024 Sherri Gust Memorial Scholarship Recipient!

Kira has been interested in archaeology as far back as she can remember. She grew up in Los Angeles where she was able to visit a number of wonderful museums and was exposed to fossils of all ages including a cast of Lucy. Her museum visits as a child were the catalyst to her curiosity about anthropology, which led to a later, more formal, interest in both physical and cultural anthropology. This summer she is looking forward to attending a field school in Spain focusing on paleoanthropology. Next year she plans to start working on her thesis and will be conducting research with Oldowan lithic assemblages. After graduate school, Kira is aiming for a career in paleoanthropology and human evolution.

Kira Klonel, recipient of the 2024 Sherri Gust Memorial Scholarship, writing on the beach.

How to Apply to the Scholarship

The Pacific Coast Archaeological Society offers scholarships each year to students majoring in Archaeology or Anthropology. These awards are in keeping with their mandate to encourage interest and education in the discipline of Archaeology. Undergraduate students who will have upper division status in the fall of the scholarship year are eligible to apply. Applicants can either be transferring from a community college or already enrolled at a four-year university. Eligibility is limited to students residing in California, or students attending, or planning to attend a university in California.

Sherri Gust, founder of Cogstone, examining excavated remains.

Sherri Gust

Sherri Gust founded Cogstone in 2001, and over 18 years built the company into a successful cultural resource management firm. Her decades of experience as an archaeologist, a paleontologist, and an osteologist were integral to Cogstone’s many accomplishments. She was also a Life Member and past president of the Pacific Coast Archaeological Society (PCAS).

In her memory, Cogstone funds the annual PCAS Sherri Gust Memorial Scholarship which encourages interest and education in the discipline of archaeology.