The work that a Company produces and the relationships it forges with its clients and collaborators is a reflection of its vision and its core values. Cogstone’s vision is to tell the stories of ancient life and human cultures both to promote appreciation of the past and relevance to the future.™

In order to achieve our vision, we have three core values that guide staff behavior and company decisions.
We believe we need to:

Be an advocate for our clients

  • By being knowledgeable regarding laws and regulations
  • By being a trusted partner due to integrity and honesty
  • By being innovative and practical problem solvers

Be professional and respectful to all

  • By honoring diversity and indigenous peoples
  • By respecting collaboration and work-life balance
  • By embracing equity and transparency

Be valuable to the company

  • By being quick but not rushing
  • By continuously mastering this profession
  • By being an ambassador for the company at all times

Embodying these values in all aspect of our work allows our team to provide honest guidance, make ethical decisions, and create successful outcomes for our clients and partners.